Available Dogs

To apply for any of the dogs you see below, please visit our Rescue during business hours.

Featured Dog: Gracie

​Rhody, now Gracie, is back at the Rescue. The wonderful news is that her Canine Megaesophagus is now under control and that we have a Bailey Chair for her mealtimes. Gracie will need to be given food and water in her Bailey Chair for the rest of her life, in order to manage this condition. She is currently a little underweight, and we are working to feed her several meals of high calorie food throughout the day. Mealtime requires a few extra minutes of time and thought, but that’s just more time to love on Gracie!

The not-so-wonderful news is that Gracie has displayed some behaviors that will need to be managed in a forever home. Like any pup, she is a high energy dog who needs a lot of attention. Her previous guardian reports that Gracie has the tendency to engage in destructive behaviors and to escape the yard. To address these, we will give adopters resources on crate training, exercise, positive reinforcement techniques, and ways to prevent boredom. Gracie was also very reactive to others outside of her home and would try to protect her human when on leash. Again, these behaviors are frustrating but manageable. Gracie has been friendly and social to everyone here and has not reacted poorly when we take her out for walks; however, she is stressed by the kennel environment and will bark at people and dogs when she’s inside.

We’re looking for adopters who are willing and able to put in the time and effort to care for a special needs, energetic pup. Could anyone give this girl a second chance?

Hi! I’m Eliza.

female, Lab/Coonhound mix, 7 yrs

At almost 7 years of age, Miss Eliza here has settled nicely into adulthood. She gets along well with other dogs; she knows several commands; she’s spayed, utd on shots, and healthy. Eliza exhibited minimal separation anxiety in her previous household by scratching the door from which her family would leave, but she never chewed or destroyed anything in the house. According to her previous family, Eliza’s perfect day would start with breakfast around 6:30-7:00, as long a walk as you want to take her on, a ride in the car, and another walk in the evening and dinner around 6:00pm. While on walks, her nose is to the ground and she loves to mark her territory outside on weeds and tall grass. Her favorite toys are her Kong Squeaky tennis balls, and her braided rope for tug-o-war, and her squeaky Panda. Eliza’s one issue is that she is scared and nervous around babies, so a mature household is desired for her. An ideal home for Eliza may be with a retired couple who can be with her a lot. She is a loyal and affectionate companion, and she is just waiting for you to take her home. Come meet Eliza, a Lab/Hound mix, at the Rescue during open hours.

Hi! I’m Cooper.

male, Rottweiler/Labrador Retriever mix, 1.5 yrs

​Like many of our dogs, Cooper has survived a rough patch early in his life. Adopted from another shelter at 4 months of age, Cooper had lived there for more than 2 months, only knowing a kennel and the stress of that environment during some of his most formative time. Cooper is now a 1.5 year old energetic, smart dog who would benefit from an experienced handler. He needs to learn that the world is not such a scary place and to moderate his reactions appropriately. Cooper’s main issue seems to be resource guarding — he is great with children of all ages but will nip and snap when they get too close to food or treats. He is overprotective of his family and will similarly display warning gestures when new people get too close. Cooper has never actually bitten anyone, so we suspect that his behaviors are rooted in fear-based reactivity. When he sees another dog, Cooper is incredibly reactive, showing body language that appears aggressive enough that he has not yet interacted with or learned how to be around other dogs in an appropriate and positive way. Cooper will need a patient, dog-savvy family that will help him become well-adjusted to social life. He knows many commands and is ready to learn. Come meet this Rotti/Lab mix in person — between his soulful eyes and his unique personality, he will win your heart.