About Us

Meridian Valley Humane Society, Inc. (MVHS)

The Meridian Valley Humane Society is a Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing compassion, protection, welfare, and responsible adoption for owner relinquished canines. We offer the utmost in care for the canines in our facility by providing daily interaction and socialization, foster care, veterinarian care, and an excellent adoption program. We are very proud of the service we provide the community and of the personalized care of the canines housed at MVHS Canine Rescue.


During the summer of 2004, the Meridian Police Department received negative press regarding their euthanasia policies. Due to a large community response, the Police Department elected to develop a volunteer and adoption program. Due to the efforts of many volunteers and assistance and direction from the Meridian Animal Control Officers, the program developed and animals began to be cared for and adopted out by the volunteers. In 2007, our volunteer group applied to become Meridian Valley Humane Society (MVHS) 501(c)(3) in order to more effectively raise funds. The funds raised by MVHS are primarily used to provide all necessary veterinary care to the dogs impounded into Meridian Animal Shelter. MVHS continues to create and amend policies and procedures necessary to care for the animals at the Meridian Animal Shelter.

‚ÄčIn 2013, the City of Meridian made the decision to contract with the Idaho Humane Society to provide animal control and sheltering in the City of Meridian. The Meridian Animal Shelter closed on September 30th and remaining dogs transferred to the Idaho Humane Society. The volunteers of Meridian Valley Humane Society still had a dream to continue to help homeless dogs find their new homes/families. A dedicated group of these volunteers formed a new Board of Directors and became an independent canine rescue focusing on dogs whose owners are no longer able to care for them and must surrender them.